First Class Training Facilities for the Working Dog or Family Pet

First Class Training Facilities for the Working Dog or Family Pet

At Guardians K9 Training Centre we pride ourselves on providing supreme training to those dogs that we provide to security organisations all over the world. The best training goes hand-in-hand with facilities that are designed to motivate, inspire, challenge and most of all, provide fun for our dogs.  A great deal of thought has gone into sourcing or building the right equipment to achieve these aims, which includes:

  • Underground tunnels

  • Overground tunnels

  • Bridges

  • Windows (for the dogs to jump through)

  • Fire Tunnel

  • Abseiling Wall

  • Wall (for jumping)

  • Pool for swimming

This dog training equipment helps train Security dogs with building their confidence in everyday life and real security situations. Although this equipment is designed for Security dogs, it is also perfect for Family Protection dogs, as much of the training is the same. All our dogs are trained with a great deal of fun, with lots of praise!



Obedience Classes

These classes tend to focus on socialization and will introduce some basic obedience skills.

Our classes are aimed at dogs from 10 weeks to 6 months of age.

You and your puppy will learn in fun filled sessions, please be aware our training sessions are held in our outdoor arena and are weather dependent so please wear suitable clothing.

Agility Classes

This class is for dogs at beginner level and experience and is designed to teach all the elements of agility whilst having fun with your dog.

Agility is a great way to improve your dog’s listening skills, improve their training and a great form of exercise. Your dog will have the opportunity to use our specialist equipment.

Please bring treats and wear suitable clothing as this session is held outdoors. The session is weather dependent. Puppies under 12 months may only be able to use certain agility equipment.

Tracking Training

Tracking is the only training you do with your dog where he is in control; your dog drives the activity and you are along for the ride, providing support and reading your dog’s signals. Tracking is also different from any other form of training because you cannot force the dog to track if he doesn’t want to; your dog has the choice. This creates mutual respect and trust and you will learn to understand canine language very quickly as the slightest body movements will tell you what your dog is up to. This in turn creates a unique partnership between you and your canine companion.

One-to-one Training

One-to-one Training is where we provide dedicated tuition with the trainer in situations where clients feel they need to work on one aspect of the training course, or for new puppies and owners.

You may feel that you would prefer the opportunity to get started in a one-2-one set up rather than a group environment until you have got your confidence, but we would always encourage you to join a group session as soon as possible as this helps your dog with socialisation skills.

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