Darren Debenham

I have been around dogs my whole life as my mum was in the police force. I used to watch the police dogs when they were in training, and, as we also had our own dogs, I spent hours watching them play, run and interact, just watching their body language and how they interacted.

As a youngster growing up I was more comfortable around animals then people, so I got a part-time job at a kennels where I got involved in the training. I saw the many different ways that people trained their dogs and noticed that training was more effective when undertaken with positive reinforcement rather than using equipment. This was when people first noticed that my method of dog training is different; I watch dogs first to see what they will respond best to.

Soon after this I went to the States and worked with an Indian tracker who shared a great deal about tracking skills with me.

When I returned to the UK I set up a security firm (Dog Unit), in which the training centre was developed to test the dogs but also make it fun for them.

So with all the knowledge I have gained along my journey, I have developed a very busy and successful business model, finding many people over the years have asked me for advise and to supply highly trained dogs, whether they are in Security, or working for Special Forces or the Police. I am very proud to have supplied trained dogs all over the world.

Darren Debenham of Guardians K9 Training Centre

VIPs & Celebrities asked for Family Protection

On a more regular basis we found that we were being contacted by VIPs and Celebrities asking us to check their security arrangements. Up until that point we had only trained and supplied working dogs, but with more people asking for Family Protection Dogs, we made the transition into this area, and sucessfully so. Since that time we have had more clients coming to us from all over the world.

Training used in serious business and in fun!

My dogs and I are also called upon to help forces such as the Drugs dogs, Weapons Recovery dogs, Search & Rescue, Victim Recovery Dogs and Working GP (General Protection) dogs. I have also provided dog training for the film industry and dogs for a number of films (demonstrating their abseiling training and weapons attack training). All of this training can be given to any dog if required.


Darren Debenham
Darren DebenhamOwner/Head Trainer
Darren has created a successful business supplying and training security dogs
Daryll Pleasants
Daryll PleasantsDog Trainer
Daryll has over 29 years dog training experience holding both U.K and U.S Master Trainer status.



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